Monday, February 8, 2010


Update; the post looked so boring without a photo of my awesomeness ;)

Okay so today during Swedish class, we talked about how new words arrive in the Swedish language all the time, and then I thought - hey, I am contributing a lot! I make up new verbs all the time! So get ready to extend your (Swedish) vocabulary - cati-style! ♥

Anberlina (Anberlin-ing; listening a lot to Anberlin - can be used with any band ;D)
Dagboka (diary-ing; writing in a dirary)
Fotodaga (photo day-ing; spending a day/part of a day taking photos)
Msna (msn-ing; talking on msn)
Paraplya (umbrella-ing; walking under an umbrella)
Trötta (tired-ing; being tired)

Also, when you do something a lot, I like to use the word with "party" with the word, for instance pluggparty (studying party) or filmparty (movie party). Hm, that's all I have to say (and no, Matías, I won't write about you!! xDD)

xoxo ミ☆


Steph said...

Heyy haha this post is so cooll now I can learn some swedish/cati vocabulary :) I like how all these words end with an -a. -a=-ing ?? Anyway I finally made a blogspot o.O; BUT I DONT KNOW HOW TO FOLLOW YOU... teach me? :]

Cati said...

Wiiie! yeah, all verbs end with -a! it's not really like -ing, but that's the best i could explain it, haha