Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The result of having nothing to do...

Ah, so I was running late for P.E. class so I figured, who not miss the whole class... xD Hehe, now my friend hates me coz I have skipped too many P.E. classes! But seriously, they're so unnecessary! It doesn't make me smarter in any way... and then you might say "it keeps you slim" and yeah, maybe so, but still, not worth my precious time ;D hehehehe
This is my eye, btw, (omg really??)! I like how my eyes look in the mirror in my bathroom :) They get this special color which looks awesome! ^^ Okay so I'm going to school in half an hour, I should probably eat something before, but I'm not really hungry... Seriosuly, the psychology thing... I hate it :( So, I was looking through some "old" photos, and here's a photo from the morning of my 18th birthday! I sure had a lot of make up on (and straight hair)... :') Haha I'm so boring, I'm going now!

xoxo ミ☆

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