Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More about the trip!

Good morning! ♥ I've finished school for the day. Actually I finished at 9.30 since during Cambridge English, the people who're taking the Cambridge test (in March, the same day as I'll go to Japan) are the only ones who have to attend. :) Also, I texted my Psychology teacher who said I could work at home, so that's what I'll do! Therefore, I only had Japanese class today. It was actually pretty fun! I love when we talk about the trip and when my teacher tells us about customs in Japan and things that has happened to her and her husband. It will be scary to go to Japan, because we are, appearantly, completely clueless about how to behave politely! haha It'll be awesome ^^

There's so much snow outside! I read on my Japanese friend's blog that they think there's a lot of snow when they have 1cm on the ground... Here it's about 50cm... xD Just look at this; can you see how the snow would almost reach my knees if we didn't shovel and plough the roads/sidewalks! xD
Anway, we got the "complete" schedule for the trip! I'll write it down so you guys can see it :)

6/3 Saturday: Arlanda around 11.00, to prepare for the long flight! We have been told to slep a lot during the flight to avoid jet lag. xD
7/3 Sunday: We arrive in Japan around 10.40, going to the hotel to check in and just going to hang around in Yokohama the rest of the day.
8/3 Monday: Going sight seeing in Tokyo from around 9.00-12.00! Afterwards we'll either visit Akihabara + Roppongi or Odaiba, and learn a little how to get around, haha...
9/3 Tuesday: Free time the whole day! ♥
10/3 Wednesday: Probably visit Omotesandou and from 11.30-13.30 we'll visit the Aoyama school and tell them about Sweden... (scary). After the visit, we'll find something to do until the visit at Komazawa university. Appearantly my teacher knows a professor there, so that's why we're going there. Afterwards we'll probably visit Shibuya ♥
11/3 Thursday: Going to Nara and visit Toudaiji. Then we'll have some free time and leave Nara around 14.30 or so, to go to Kyoto. When in Kyoto, we'll check in to the hotel and then have some more free time.
12/3 Friday: Being in Kyoto, visit Nijoujou and Kinkakuji (possibly rent kimonos for an hour or so and take photos!) and then free time (I'll meet Ayaka O. ^^) until about 18.00 when we're going back to Yokohama.
13/3 Saturday: Nothing planned yet, maybe visit China town in Yokohama! We'll go to Narita at the latest around 18.00.
14/3 Sunday: Going to Narita airport to go home... We'll be back at 18.20 (Swedish time).

I know you're jealous ;)
xoxo ミ☆

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