Thursday, February 25, 2010


I LOST MY EARRING TODAY :(:(:( At least I think I did... I just got home and was about to change clothes when the thing on the back fell off and I realized the rest of the earring was missing! What the fuuuuuck! That was the pair I was going to wear to that strict school  (because you can barely see them under all my hair) who won't allow any jewellry! This ruined my day, I was so happy before... x_x

Today during Japanese class we practiced our speech! It'll be so scary to stand in front of 100 strangers with no make up, speaking Japanese (and then they want us to sing a song, wtf!!) Anyhow.. I took photos of Lilly today, yaay! Look at the second photo, so cute! xD She looks so pleased with my hair in her mouth.... haha

xoxo ミ☆

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Steph said...

hahah you have to sing a song for them?? how suckkkyy!! aww and lily is so cute hahaha =)