Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ishotell & Tildes funderingar

Hej hej! :) Today, as all Tuesdays until winter holidays (which is next week, yaay), I have this super long break so I'm at home. I did go to Japanese class this morning and we got the script for our oral presentation about Sweden that we will have in Japan at a school! I'm going to talk about the Ice Hotel, mainly because my teacher said it "suits me". What is that even supposed to mean? haha Maybe it's that I look the most "typical Swedish" in our group, I guess, and everyone thinks Sweden is this all year round snow-world...? This is what we call "Tildes funderingar" (my speculations). Everyday I think about something and ask my friends questions, sometimes weird ones, like "why do people have different hair color?" etc. So, don't be surprised if I suddenly ask or just say something totally random... :)

It was the première of my new top in school today (interesting, interesting)! but I used it as a dress, kinda... and as always, photo in my brother's room! ♥ I'll go back to school for Psychology class, but I have to read some pages in the book first, because that was homework for today... xD Also, I have to eat.

xoxo ミ☆


ämil said...

She actually said "it suits you mumblemumble since you also mumblerumble look nice mumble".
I promise :o

Steph said...

ICE HOTEL LOOKS SOOO COOL! i wanna go there but i dont think i want to stay there... wayyy too cold