Friday, February 5, 2010


Oh my oh my xD I started discussing religions with this Egyptian guy (he thought that God created dinosaurs and that they will come back to life... and also that all three religions that believe in the same God appeared at the same time.. he also thought that your height decides whether you're a kid or not, lol) and wooooow, it ended with him saying I will burn in hell and talking shit about my mom. Oh and just before he left, he wrote (and I quote): "fuck u and fuck ur mother and ur mother's pussy andmother fucker and i will kick ur ass". Wow, what a polite boy, his parents should be sooooo proud! Great job teaching him about religions too there, I must say! A big golden star to all of you!

As you may notice, I'm not afraid to pick a fight and just so you know, and I will destroy anyone who's messing with me!! >:o (That's a warning, höhö)

To move on to another subject, I ordered some things two days ago, and I'll go pick them up today! I'll show it to you later. ♥

xoxo ミ☆

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