Saturday, February 27, 2010


OMG I HATE PEOPLE! :D This totally random guy just started calling me "fjortis", blonde trash, whore etc. because my msn nick said that my sis was in love with some gay-guy that had done a lot of surgery. xD Why is that my fault that he might have done that? It's not like I say that every guy that uses make up is gay (though you can't really call that masculine)!! Me and my sis always tease each other, why would some stranger suddenly decide to give me a speech about guys that use make up and then talk about how all Swedish blondes are whores?? hahahaha LOSER!!! Such a mature person calling me stupid and racist because I said that blondes are not a shame (like he said) but a pride for Sweden? xD He also said that my ancestors were Russian hookers, wtf is up with that?? If he dislikes Swedes (and appearantly other nationalities) so much, why doesn't he goddamn move some place else??? We don't want racist people like him here anyway!! Fucking retard.

Anyway, he lost the fight (duuh, of course he did!). I got him to block me ;) haha


Steph said...

yeee! go tilde show him what is upppp hahahahah! he obviously doesn't know you to well if he thinks youre a whore :\

Tirin said...

hahahah fun thing is that this is the same guy at that website we joined that you thought was really cute XDDD