Thursday, February 4, 2010

Green tea and prepare-for-the-trip-party

On Saturday we're having a meeting to prepare for the trip, at my house, as usual... Sooo, today after Japanese class we got a visit from a guy's (who's in the class) mom. She's selling Japanese green tea and such things and she thought we might want to sell it ourselves to earn some money for our trip! :) Therefore, we got to try the tea in the classroom, two different kinds. We started with the regular one; it sorta smelled like a forest and it sorta tasted like one too... The second one was some special green tea and... I don't mean to be rude or anything (I know it's healthy and all), but daaaamn it was even more bitter!! I have never tasted anything that bitter before in my life! xD

Speaking of drinks, I love the mineral water Loka's new taste of pear and gooseberry! ♥ Yeah, I'm one of the bad guys not drinking from the tap because it tastes waaay better with mineral water on bottle, so I cannot be thinking of the environment at all because i do that, right?

xoxo ミ☆

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