Friday, February 12, 2010

When TV makes me angry...

Aww, look at this beautiful photo I took two (?) years ago when I went to the northern parts of Sweden with my parents and my brother. Gorgeous! ♥ Anyhow, I have to write on my book today, but I have no inspiration :(

Oh and yesterday evening I was watching a documentary about neo-nazi skinheads, and damn, they're seriously f-ed up!! They are such cowards, always ganging up on someone and kicking them while they're down, cowards!!!  I can't understand how their brains work, assuming they have any! They must be seriously retarded (and they are also always really ugly, so I'm guessing they hold some kind of grudge against others because of it).

I hope I won't have any neo-nazis wanting to beat me up now.
xoxo ミ☆

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Steph said...

aww that sucks.. there are a lot of neo nazis here too. there's a group the next city over. it's scaryyy