Tuesday, January 19, 2010

when i wake up tomorrow

Good morning everybody! I have sooo much to study today so I'll probably not be able to use the computer tonight... Mm anyway, I feel kinda depressed today. Not like "I wanna kill myself"-depressed (I have never ever felt that way), but like "I hate everything"-depressed. Don't worry, I don't hate my friends and such, just everything around me, you know, school, the weather etc... Everyone says school is supposed to be fun coz you meet with your friends, and I agree, school would be fun if it was just school, on school time, but now we have millions of tests and homework and I just... don't want to. I mean, in a way I want to study and get good grades, but I can't. :S I think I'm stressed and it's partly my own fault because I can't study. I never even remember what I dream about these nights (I aaaaalways do!) Oh well... enough of my boring thoughts... xD

I went to take photos of Lilly, but she's afraid of the camera! She gave it her evil eye and then she went to hide... xD She says never mind the old skin on her cute nose. I almost fell over like 10 times when I went to school today. It's slippery and sooo much snow! Now, or at least very soon, I should study. And no, Matias, I won't write about you again X)


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