Saturday, January 23, 2010


I don't have a photo of my actual graduation cap, but this is kinda what it will look like! In the front it says "Tilde *that flowerdiamondthing* Sp07a" (my class name, all in golden letters)... in the back, it says in white sewing, on the white of course; "Rudbeckianska" (my school) and in the black on the back it says in bling bling "2010"! :D Inside of the cap is the Swedish flag, as you can see. On the top of the cap, it's a white crown. Under the cap-thingy in the front it says "Västerås" (my town, but you can't see it). Hah, sounds like too much, but I'm sure it'll look awesome!

And enjoy my paint skills

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