Monday, January 18, 2010

Painting the sky

Hey guys! This week we have to decide whether we wanna take the Cambridge test (to get the certificate) or not. The text is scheduled two times this year and the second time is in summer after graduation, which means it will be more expensive because we're no longer high school students. The first opportunity to take the test is on the same day that I'll be sittng on a plane on my way to Japan... That sucks!! I mean, if I take the test in summer is will cost me almost 2000 SEK (about 200euro?) :S That's sooo expensive!! I don't even know if I wanna spend that kind of money on a test - that there's no guarantee I'll pass and in that case, spent that money on absolutely nothing... I mean, since I can't take the test in March, I am going to take if after graduation anyway, so why not do it later on (if I feel like I need it)?

and yes, I am at home during one of my looong breaks again. I will study soon though... Damn, can you imagine? Only about 7 weeks now until the trip! :D I have to write down what to pack, haha. AAAND after the Japan trip there's only 8 weeks left until our trip to Rome! It'll be awesome! ^^ and I bet my blog will be funnier to read with photos from those trips. ♥

Hmm, I should get a haircut.. but I don't want to X)


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