Friday, January 1, 2010

It's January now!

Good morning people! :) How are you all doing today? I'm super tried, but I hope it will pass. Oh, I just realizes that we have a delicious cake in the refridgerator, coz my parents made it yesterday! NANANANA! Guess what?? I just ordered circle lenses :D:D I will get them some time next week, hopefully before school starts. And if you are Swedish and completely clueless about what circle lenses are; they make your eyes look bigger, because the lense is bigger than your iris. They have them in all Japanese fashion magazines (and all the gyarus wear them), so I thought "hey why not get a pair myself?"! I bought them from Finland, because the only ones I found in Sweden, you could only use for 30 days and these ones you can have for a year. Aw, it will be exciting to try them on (I have never worn lenses before in my life). I won't use them in school though, at least not at first :3 höhöhö I have read that lenses that don't come from an optician can damage your eyes, so I won't use them for long periods at a time. The photo is of some random person wearing the same kind of lenses that I ordered.

Have a great 1st of January!
xoxo ミ☆


Kitty said...

åå vad fina ^^

Jag har själv viljat ha circle lenses men jag har inte hittat någon bra sida att köpa dem på. På vilken sida köpte du dina? :)

Cati said...

Nej allså det är ju jäkligt svårt att hitta bra sidor som säljer dem, måste jag säga! Jag köpte mina på en finsk sida, :) Tror jag ska köpa ännu fler när jag åker till Japan i mars ^^