Friday, January 29, 2010

Last weekend of January

Here's a photo from my brother's (messy) room!
Yay so today we didn't have Latin and therefore finished school at 11.40! ♥ We have like 50cm snow here. The benches by the river are completely covered in snow, you can barely see them...! Furthermore, my Japanese teacher sent us e-mail about places to buy/rent kimonos... I'd like to try one on, but not walk around in it! People would stare! xD I mean, I would stare if a group of Japanese tourists walked around in my town all dressed in the national costume of Sweden... lol  Oh and it says that for women they have kimono-sizes up to 170cm (hah, I got lucky), but a girl in class is like 182cm tall!! So I dunno... :'D

There's a "road" where there is no snow close to school and there are always sooo many ducks there! They look so cute and they're not scared at all of humans, hah :) I would've taken a photo, but I had no camera with me.

Omg, I'm so ego today :D Just that I found a cute jacket-thingy that I like! I'll use it outdoors when spring comes ^^ Waah, finally weekend! Tomorrow I'll have a movie night with tha girls ;)

One more thing... I'm still having problems with what the hell to wear at the Japanese school! No short skirts, no T-shirts (as if I'd wear that anyway...), no jeans... Whaaaaat can I wear?? Maybe a dress?? but the ones I have are also short... God, I've got some serious issues xDD

xoxo ミ☆

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