Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hell yeah!

Yesterday I thought I was gonna get my mini straightening iron, but I got my circle lenses! :D Hah, I tried them on yesterday before going to sleep (it wasnt that hard to but the lenses on, actually, even though I have never ever tried before - but I did cry, a little). They are so cute! ♥ I look sorta like an alien-doll, haha

I'm home during my 4hours long break, btw, that's why I'm blogging now. Anyway, I'm totally in love with the circle lenses, but I won't wear them to school or anything, so don't worry! xD Hmm, they say it's really annoying the first time you use lenses, but I'm "used" to poking my eyes (lol), so I don't think it's irritating at all! It's a little hard to put them on, that's all.

Here's a before/after photo! To the left, my real eye... to the right my eye with the lens! I'd prefer if the lenses would be a little lighter blue, but oh well :) and don't mind the make up (I did cry a little, so...) AND as always, click for larger photos!:

xoxo ミ☆

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Anonymous said...

Ååå vad fint det blev! =3