Friday, January 15, 2010

Boys speak in rhythm and girls just lie...

Wiiie it's "only" -3 degrees today! I had two national tests in English... hope they went well... Also, next week we'll use our new schedule, so every Thursday I have a biiiig sleep in and I don't start school until 12! Awesome!! (not this Thursday though, coz we're having a Religion test... x_x) I wanna play with Lilly! I know she misses me a loooot! Anyway, I was about to write something interesting, but I have completely forgotten what it was! Haaah, whatever :) Love yall ♥ tihi (I'm such a dork, I know) Nanana, I wanna eat fruit! But there is none :( I'ma take ice cream instead xD hehehehe

Okay so since my super little babyhoney Matías wanted me to write to/about him, and since I don't wanna make a new post, I'll just write it here. xD Mm not too sure what to write though. Uhm... HI MATÍAS, WEIRDO! ^^ Enjoy shopping, withoooout me!!


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