Monday, January 25, 2010

ad astra

Haaaah, when I went to classes this morning, there was no one there - so I remembered we'd moved the Latin lesson from 8.40-10-10 to 10.30-12.00!!! Luckily, my teacher came and I could sit alone in the classroom and work (and then go home, as usual for my long break). xD Haha, I'm happy my teacher came or else I would've had gotten up early this morning for nothing...

Okay so yesterday I got the weirdest "compliment" ever. There was this guy who said "you should cut your hair like a boy, you would look even more beautiful then, because you have the face for it". LOL!(??) I got really offensive, so I think he was a little scared of me. I mean come on guys, you don't mess with a woman's hair and live to tell about it. It's common sense ;)

Anyway, I'm off to write the French test in an hour and a half. I finish school at 16.00.... so late x_x Oh well, tomorrow I finish at 13.00, so that's good! buuuuut on Wednesday I'll do the Religion test that I missed while having a fever. I must admit, Religion is not my subject (mainly since I couldn't care less about religions.. I'm sorta anti-religious), haha... Oh well, I'll do my best :) Oh and some students from China will, appearantly, join us for P.E class on Wednesday as well!

xoxo ミ☆

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Maow said...

Lol, I once got a compliment like that. This guy said "you make me gay", and then he explained that I did look like a boy, and he thought I was hot. xD But still, you dont tell girls stuff like that!