Friday, January 29, 2010

Last weekend of January

Here's a photo from my brother's (messy) room!
Yay so today we didn't have Latin and therefore finished school at 11.40! ♥ We have like 50cm snow here. The benches by the river are completely covered in snow, you can barely see them...! Furthermore, my Japanese teacher sent us e-mail about places to buy/rent kimonos... I'd like to try one on, but not walk around in it! People would stare! xD I mean, I would stare if a group of Japanese tourists walked around in my town all dressed in the national costume of Sweden... lol  Oh and it says that for women they have kimono-sizes up to 170cm (hah, I got lucky), but a girl in class is like 182cm tall!! So I dunno... :'D

There's a "road" where there is no snow close to school and there are always sooo many ducks there! They look so cute and they're not scared at all of humans, hah :) I would've taken a photo, but I had no camera with me.

Omg, I'm so ego today :D Just that I found a cute jacket-thingy that I like! I'll use it outdoors when spring comes ^^ Waah, finally weekend! Tomorrow I'll have a movie night with tha girls ;)

One more thing... I'm still having problems with what the hell to wear at the Japanese school! No short skirts, no T-shirts (as if I'd wear that anyway...), no jeans... Whaaaaat can I wear?? Maybe a dress?? but the ones I have are also short... God, I've got some serious issues xDD

xoxo ミ☆

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm happy today! :D

Yay, so today after Japanese class (which was actually kinda fun), we talked about the trip! We'll probably visit Nara as well as Tokyo, Yokohama and Kyoto! We'll be so busy, but it'll be sooo much fun! :D Aw my teacher even mentioned me going meet Japanese friends and told me a little about the "rules" of letting me walk off alone. Only a little more than one month left now! I know you guys will miss me a loooooot! ♥

xoxo ミ☆

Monday, January 25, 2010

ad astra

Haaaah, when I went to classes this morning, there was no one there - so I remembered we'd moved the Latin lesson from 8.40-10-10 to 10.30-12.00!!! Luckily, my teacher came and I could sit alone in the classroom and work (and then go home, as usual for my long break). xD Haha, I'm happy my teacher came or else I would've had gotten up early this morning for nothing...

Okay so yesterday I got the weirdest "compliment" ever. There was this guy who said "you should cut your hair like a boy, you would look even more beautiful then, because you have the face for it". LOL!(??) I got really offensive, so I think he was a little scared of me. I mean come on guys, you don't mess with a woman's hair and live to tell about it. It's common sense ;)

Anyway, I'm off to write the French test in an hour and a half. I finish school at 16.00.... so late x_x Oh well, tomorrow I finish at 13.00, so that's good! buuuuut on Wednesday I'll do the Religion test that I missed while having a fever. I must admit, Religion is not my subject (mainly since I couldn't care less about religions.. I'm sorta anti-religious), haha... Oh well, I'll do my best :) Oh and some students from China will, appearantly, join us for P.E class on Wednesday as well!

xoxo ミ☆

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I don't have a photo of my actual graduation cap, but this is kinda what it will look like! In the front it says "Tilde *that flowerdiamondthing* Sp07a" (my class name, all in golden letters)... in the back, it says in white sewing, on the white of course; "Rudbeckianska" (my school) and in the black on the back it says in bling bling "2010"! :D Inside of the cap is the Swedish flag, as you can see. On the top of the cap, it's a white crown. Under the cap-thingy in the front it says "Västerås" (my town, but you can't see it). Hah, sounds like too much, but I'm sure it'll look awesome!

And enjoy my paint skills


Hi guys! It's been a while (simply because I had a fever AGAIN! I tell you, there's something really wrong with my immune system and at the moment I'm blaming it on the stress). So today I have to study because I have two tests next week, fun... and great for the stress! xD I wanna have chocolate...

I tell you, you learn sooo much from watching TV while being sick at home!! It's awesome! So all of you who hate TV and says it only makes people more stupid - you're wrooooong! >:D


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

when i wake up tomorrow

Good morning everybody! I have sooo much to study today so I'll probably not be able to use the computer tonight... Mm anyway, I feel kinda depressed today. Not like "I wanna kill myself"-depressed (I have never ever felt that way), but like "I hate everything"-depressed. Don't worry, I don't hate my friends and such, just everything around me, you know, school, the weather etc... Everyone says school is supposed to be fun coz you meet with your friends, and I agree, school would be fun if it was just school, on school time, but now we have millions of tests and homework and I just... don't want to. I mean, in a way I want to study and get good grades, but I can't. :S I think I'm stressed and it's partly my own fault because I can't study. I never even remember what I dream about these nights (I aaaaalways do!) Oh well... enough of my boring thoughts... xD

I went to take photos of Lilly, but she's afraid of the camera! She gave it her evil eye and then she went to hide... xD She says never mind the old skin on her cute nose. I almost fell over like 10 times when I went to school today. It's slippery and sooo much snow! Now, or at least very soon, I should study. And no, Matias, I won't write about you again X)


Monday, January 18, 2010

Painting the sky

Hey guys! This week we have to decide whether we wanna take the Cambridge test (to get the certificate) or not. The text is scheduled two times this year and the second time is in summer after graduation, which means it will be more expensive because we're no longer high school students. The first opportunity to take the test is on the same day that I'll be sittng on a plane on my way to Japan... That sucks!! I mean, if I take the test in summer is will cost me almost 2000 SEK (about 200euro?) :S That's sooo expensive!! I don't even know if I wanna spend that kind of money on a test - that there's no guarantee I'll pass and in that case, spent that money on absolutely nothing... I mean, since I can't take the test in March, I am going to take if after graduation anyway, so why not do it later on (if I feel like I need it)?

and yes, I am at home during one of my looong breaks again. I will study soon though... Damn, can you imagine? Only about 7 weeks now until the trip! :D I have to write down what to pack, haha. AAAND after the Japan trip there's only 8 weeks left until our trip to Rome! It'll be awesome! ^^ and I bet my blog will be funnier to read with photos from those trips. ♥

Hmm, I should get a haircut.. but I don't want to X)


Saturday, January 16, 2010

she wears the stars like him...

Hiya! I have nothing to do so I'll just blog about all the cute clothes on Liz Lisa's webshop :) I'll sooo go there and buy something when I'm in Japan (which is within 7 weeks, omg)!! It wll be so much fun, I can't wait ^^ buuut after that it's back to Sweden and back to nagging moms.......... until May, then I'm off to sunny Italy and after that, it's not very long until graduation~♥

Since my friend David is sooo jealous because I never write about him, I'll give him this little message; HEJ DAVID! DU ÄR EN FET BÄBIS! tihihi


Friday, January 15, 2010

Boys speak in rhythm and girls just lie...

Wiiie it's "only" -3 degrees today! I had two national tests in English... hope they went well... Also, next week we'll use our new schedule, so every Thursday I have a biiiig sleep in and I don't start school until 12! Awesome!! (not this Thursday though, coz we're having a Religion test... x_x) I wanna play with Lilly! I know she misses me a loooot! Anyway, I was about to write something interesting, but I have completely forgotten what it was! Haaah, whatever :) Love yall ♥ tihi (I'm such a dork, I know) Nanana, I wanna eat fruit! But there is none :( I'ma take ice cream instead xD hehehehe

Okay so since my super little babyhoney Matías wanted me to write to/about him, and since I don't wanna make a new post, I'll just write it here. xD Mm not too sure what to write though. Uhm... HI MATÍAS, WEIRDO! ^^ Enjoy shopping, withoooout me!!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hell yeah!

Yesterday I thought I was gonna get my mini straightening iron, but I got my circle lenses! :D Hah, I tried them on yesterday before going to sleep (it wasnt that hard to but the lenses on, actually, even though I have never ever tried before - but I did cry, a little). They are so cute! ♥ I look sorta like an alien-doll, haha

I'm home during my 4hours long break, btw, that's why I'm blogging now. Anyway, I'm totally in love with the circle lenses, but I won't wear them to school or anything, so don't worry! xD Hmm, they say it's really annoying the first time you use lenses, but I'm "used" to poking my eyes (lol), so I don't think it's irritating at all! It's a little hard to put them on, that's all.

Here's a before/after photo! To the left, my real eye... to the right my eye with the lens! I'd prefer if the lenses would be a little lighter blue, but oh well :) and don't mind the make up (I did cry a little, so...) AND as always, click for larger photos!:

xoxo ミ☆

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Studentmössor & Dramaten

Hiyaaa! Feels like I haven't written in some time.. xD Anyway, today was a pretty nice day. I started at 11.50, because I didn't go to P.E... shame on me, but my throat hurt and I was too tired. The reason for me being tired: we went to Dramaten in Stockholm yesterday to watch a play (and go on a guided tour where we got to touch/hug a coat that Stellan Skardgård had used! haha). We didn't come home until around midnight and I usually go to bed two hours earlier..  Aaaanyhow, after the 30min long Philosophy lesson today, we went to try out caps for our graduation! We got to pick size, colors, bling.. etc. ;D It's kinda expensive, but it's totally worth it! I can't wait until graduation and I really wanna wear my graduation cap! I'll look cute in it :3 haha

Here's a photo from Stockholm! Don't mind we look super stiff, it's because it was freezing cold! Even colder than here! xD

xoxo ミ☆

Saturday, January 9, 2010

once we were just like them, hope we'll never be again... ♫

Some say you have to fall to learn how to fly. Someday we may understand just the reason why.
The Perishers - Someday

Hi everyone! Aw, I'm sitting here being a little down to some of The Perishers' songs.. They're so beautiful, I can't help it! xD I wanna go to one of their concerts, but I dunno anyone who loves them as much as I do. Aw, just look at the lyrics to their song "Sway":

It was you who picked the pieces up
when I was a broken soul
and then glued me back together,
returned to me what others stole.
You gathered my dreams in
when they all blew away
and then tricked them back into me.
You saved me I was almost dead.

I know, I've been talking about them before, but I lovelovelove their songs, they're so amazing! Aw, I want Z to come home, I have so much to talk to her about! I mean, I have other friends to talk to as well, but none of them are as good at listening as she is. :) I don't wanna go to school on Monday though...
my hands are cold but my heart's on fire.
xoxo ミ☆

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Post card from NY! :D

Wiiie, I got a post card today from New York City! :D It was from my French pen friend Karen who spent her Christmas there! I'm rea~lly jealous, it must've been awesome! ^^ I want to go there too someday, it seems so cool! Anyway, that's all news for today!

xoxo ミ☆

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Aww super cute visitors in the garden! :3

Wiiie, I saw two cute little roedeers in the garden today! They were eating off a tree and then they seemed to enjoy walking around the car and the bikes while looking at me (as I was looking back at them and taking photos of their cute faces). I think they were a couple :3

Look, so cute! I wanted to go out and feed them, but mom said they could have ticks or something... >_<

xoxo ミ☆

Friday, January 1, 2010

Wiiiie :D

Here it is, Z's worst nightmare coming true - I just bought a mini straightening iron! :D I will have it with me to Japan and other trips! It's so good, because it's very small so I can have it in a handbag ♥ Anyway, don't ask me where I get all my money from, coz it seems I'm buying things all the time... Okay I'm going to make two lists now, one of what to bring to Japan and another one of what to buy! ;D

xoxo ミ☆

It's January now!

Good morning people! :) How are you all doing today? I'm super tried, but I hope it will pass. Oh, I just realizes that we have a delicious cake in the refridgerator, coz my parents made it yesterday! NANANANA! Guess what?? I just ordered circle lenses :D:D I will get them some time next week, hopefully before school starts. And if you are Swedish and completely clueless about what circle lenses are; they make your eyes look bigger, because the lense is bigger than your iris. They have them in all Japanese fashion magazines (and all the gyarus wear them), so I thought "hey why not get a pair myself?"! I bought them from Finland, because the only ones I found in Sweden, you could only use for 30 days and these ones you can have for a year. Aw, it will be exciting to try them on (I have never worn lenses before in my life). I won't use them in school though, at least not at first :3 höhöhö I have read that lenses that don't come from an optician can damage your eyes, so I won't use them for long periods at a time. The photo is of some random person wearing the same kind of lenses that I ordered.

Have a great 1st of January!
xoxo ミ☆