Thursday, December 17, 2009

This might be a little provocative, but whatever

Today during religion class I felt soooo thankful for being Swedish. We were talking about women's situation in many countries and it just makes me so angry to hear, every time. Things like "women should just stay at home and take care os the kids, cook and clean"... wtf?? She gave birth to the kid, isn't that hard enough?? The day men give birth, I'll let them talk, but until then they shouldn't say one discriminating thing about women. They came from a woman, right? So they should thank their mom's for even being alive.

Did you know there is one kind of lizard that are all females? And still they can have kids. What if evolution (or God) did that to humanbeings. I mean, men couldn't possible stand being in labor, they would die from the hours of pain, seriously, so that would leave only females. Then all men would be dead, what would you do then?

They say that "behind every successful man stands a woman", well, I'm waiting for the day when she stands besides him, or why not in front of him!! While racism is considered a problem, sexual discrimination is not. WTF there are way more women in the world than dark people!

I'm just super thankful that I live in Sweden where all of us are the same. I mean, 95% (or something) of all bosses in companies are male, so it's not very equal, but it's getting there, little by little. Countries where women aren't even allowed to speak until spoken to, take us back hundreds of years in time! This is the 21st century, and men are finally getting smarter! They're starting to realize that we can do all you can do, and sometimes even better. Thanks guys!

Lastly, I just want to say that everyone who disagrees with the fact that women and men are equal, can go hang yourselves (a little extreme, but I am extreme when it comes to this!!!), this earth would be a better place without you.

Oh really, you think I'm a feminist?

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