Monday, December 14, 2009


Bonjour mes amis! ♥
Today Lina and I fell in love with a guy we saw in a store. I usually don't like blonde guys, but this one was rea~lly good looking! He had the bluest eyes ever.. ♥

Moreover, I have found old clothes that I will make pretty! I'm starting with a black dress that I'll make shorter and nicer... I really need a black dress (and I know I have one, but I need one more that is fitted in a different way). Nevermind the messy background in the photo...

My things from ASOS still haven't come yet!! I hate Posten! They can die... hehehe my best friend is sorta working there now, but anyways :'D I need those things before Friday!!! Seriously!!! Those bitches!  >:(

Now it's decided that we'll go to Rome from May 2th to the 7th. Anyway, I gotta study now. See you!

xoxo ミ☆

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