Monday, December 7, 2009

The Perishers ♥

We'll be as happy as can be
I'll love her endlessly
This time it'll be for real, yeah
we'll have what we could never have,
do what we could never do
I just wish she could be you
The Perishers - Going out

My love for The Perishers is so strong! They're my second top artist on with over 900 played tracks, just under Anberlin with my 2480 played tracks! They're even in my speech for tomorrow! I have their lyrics from their song "Is it over now?"! :) I just love the last vers in that song.

Okay so this is my big winter jacket and I really want to buy a new one! It's just that it's really expensive and I have to spend my money on other things. Also, it's only winter (like super cold with a need for a winter jacket) for about 3 months, so maybe I'd be wasting money... :P

Okay so I better study now!

Puss & kram

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