Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let's start the morning with Mizushima Hiro and Oguri Shun ~♫

I just woke up and I'm still tired! xD I had a fun night yesterday; we played wii and watched TV. Well, we watch K1, but it wasn't that funny because the fighters were fugly :( Later, we watched wrestling, which more looked like two gaymen trying to get it on... and at last we watched half of Battle Royale, before I realized it was 4AM and I was really tired. Threrefore, I forced the people to go home so I could sleep! X)

Now, my friends, I'll watch Tokyo DOGS, that Emil gave to me to borrow! A perfect way to start my Sunday :) Later on, I'm going to my cousin's house because it's his b-day!

Upgrade: Haha I love Hiro in this series, he's so funny XD I haven't seen him in such role before, he always plays a cool guy...

xoxo ミ☆

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