Thursday, December 10, 2009

Info about the Japan trip!

Omg, Japanese schools really suck (no offence)!!! While in Japan, we'll visit two schools; Aoyama chuugakkou and Komazawa university! During our visit at Aoyama, we're not allowed to were any make up and we have to wear special clothing (no jeans, no jewellry etc.)!! My teacher turned to me and said "I'm sorry, Tilde, you can't wear nailpolish either"! XD Aaaaaah, are we supposed to look fugly all day long? I mean, I thought this trip was somewhat about "connecting" our countries, but who's going to be interested in Sweden when we all will look like retards?? haha I can't believe I have to show myself to thousands of people while looking like shit.. awesome!

Anyways... We're arriving in Japan the 7th of March and on the 8th, we're going to Tokyo for sightseeing and shopping and such! 9-10th we're in Yokohama again and on the 10th we're visiting the schools. The 11th to the 12th we'll be in Kyoto! But in the evening of the 12th we're going back to Yokohama where we stay until the next day when we, in the evening, go to Narita to stay there until the next day when we're leaving for Sweden! Quite busy week! I really hope I'll have time to meet some Japanese friends!

I'm still hung up on the no-make-up-thing! What am I supposed to wear to that school? My teacher said we could wear long skirts and a blouse (the girls of course, the guys have to wear chinos or something.. and some of them have quite long hair, so they have to wear it in a ponytail! haha), but I don't have such things. I don't even have a skirt that reaches my knees... xD

What if I come to that school with only foundation and mascara? Whatcha gonna do about it?!?!? Hah, in your face (or actually in my face)! No, but seriously.. what are they gonna do? Whipe it off? I don't think they would even notice... X)

Love from an upset (but excited)

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