Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm sure we'll grow, but we'll never bloom again

How do you act around someone you once really liked, but who didn't like you in return and then suddely starts liking you after some time? Are you cold around that person, or would you still have some feelings left? I really wonder...

Aww, I get really depressed when I listen to The Perishers (which I'm doing right now), because almost all their songs are so sad and beautiful! I could cry to "In the blink of an eye", I love it, it's their most beautiful song of all! They're my absolute favorite Swedish band and I know I'll always be listening to them. ♥

Today it was "julkalendern", a sort of theatre that my class is making! It's really strange and funny XD I'm not in it though, because ... well... it'd be embarrassing! xD

Lots of love

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