Saturday, December 26, 2009

I somehow killed my new jeans...

So now I'm home again and I'm both richer and own more cute things! ♥ Thanks everyone! Also, since there's a huge sale downtown these days after Christmas, I went shopping with my sister. I bought new jeans and ear rings! As most girls, I buy really tight jeans that it takes about 20min to fit in to, but just when I was about to close the buttom, it broke! xD I cut my finger so I started bleeding quite a lot (but it stopped just after some seconds). So now I don't know if I can fix them or not. I mean, they we're only about 200SEK, which is super cheap!! They were not brand jeans and therefore the quality wasn't so good, but oh well, I hope I can fix them! They killed my finger, but damn they look so good! ♥ I bet this has happened to someone else before, haha

Btw, my perfume smells soooooo good! I love it! ♥♥ It's Escada (I love Escada's perfumes they're wonderful) - Desire me. Yummie! xD Now I have to eat lunch and later on, I'll watch LOST with my dad and Prison Break with my sis!

xoxo ミ☆

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