Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Yeah, so I'm still sick.. I have a fever and I feel a little dizzy (I can't see clearly and my head is spinning whenever I get up), buuuut it's not stopping me from finding awesome things from ASOS that I just have to buy! For instance; a palette black bag, silver shoes (okay this may sound horrible, but imagine silver colored high heels with black jeans.. ♥) etc. I just have to get dad to pay for it (coz I don't have VISA, Mastercard etc. but of course I'll give him money)... xD

The thing is... Tomorrow it's Sacomässan, some sort of exhibition hall about universities and studies abroad and such, and I really really rea~lly want to go, but I'm still sick!! I don't know if I can walk around in Stockholm all day long tomorrow if I have a fever and especially not if I am dizzy too! This sucks! Why did I have to be sick just now? :( Aww, I'm sad... I hope I'm well tomorrow so I can go! I have been locking forward to Sacomässan, it would suck big time if I'm sick x_x

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