Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good life ~♥

Today I got two packages, finally! I have been waiting for too long. I'm supposed to have gotten the things from ASOS last week! Oh well..- Let's see what was inside of them! ^^

The small package:

My awesome black shoes I ordered just a few days ago! They arrived so quickly and they are soo~ hot! I love them a lot! They are a liiiiittle bit big, but I can't have a smaller size coz then they would be too small. Anyway, they're super comfy ♥

In the big package:

My lovely black palette-bag! It's big so I can have a lot of things in it and it's super cute! I'm sure I can fit all my school books in it, and it's great for going shopping too! Lovelove ♥

The silver shoes, totally hot stuff :D haha They're a little hard to walk in, because they are so flat in the front, but I'll learn! I really love these shoes too!

Bracelets! They were so many, that's great! I especially like the bigger ones. They're so my style :)

I also got leggins with floral (roses) pattern and this butterly-headband! It's really cute ^^ I'll wear it on Friday at the Christmas holidays ceremony.

Here are all the things together ♥

xoxo ミ☆

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