Friday, December 4, 2009

Authorship while being sick

Hi my little nerd-crew ♥
(No offence, just a joke, I love y'all! lol) I'm still sick, but I feel better today. Unfortunately, I missed a national test in English, but I think I can write the test (not the same, but a smiliar one) some other time. I wanted to continue on my book today, because I got an e-mail from my teacher and he said he really likes the way I write (or actually, he said that he's very impressed!)! I'm so relieved!! Now I know I can continue to write the same way! :D

I'm still sad that I missed Sacomässan :( but there's nothing I can do about it... My sister has been home almost whole week, so we have been watching TV a lot while I've been sick. It's good to have siblings (sometimes) :P Anyway, I have to continue writing my book now! I will make it into a masterpiece!!! heheheh

You know what I want? A plack palette dress!! I have completely fallen for palette-things and I would die (or not)  for a dress like this to wear for New years Eve or maybe the Christmas ceremony-thing we have before our holidays! If I can't find a similar one downtown, I'll have to buy this at a webshop! I know I said I wouldn't buy anything until after Christmas... but sometimes... I lie... :(

Anyhow, I'll try to write letters this weekend and reply to e-mails maybe later on today! Also, I hope you all are feeling way better than I am!!

Stay healthy! ♥

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