Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Appearantly, it's a little worse than I thought...

... but luckily, it's nothing too serious. I'm talking about me being sick so often; having fever (which I appearantly have right now, since they say 37,7> degrees is a fever) etc. I have an infection in my body!! That's the reason I discovered two days ago that my throat was swollen. So I went to a doctor today, but he couldn't understand why I had this infection and why my throat was swollen, even after two tests for illnesses (they both were negative). I have to eat antibiotics now for ten days and hopefully I will be better. I even missed a test in school today because of this weird infection-thing, but I think I will be able to do the test on Friday. I am going to school tomorrow, but I can't have PE (which is kinda good, coz I think we're going to dance!!), so I get a big sleepin :) I'm really happy that it wasn't too serious, my condition, because it has scared me, especially when my throat became swollen! I still find it strange that they had no idea why this happened or what it really is.

This morning I felt really sick, I even woke up five times during the night, but now I feel better, I just have a bad headache and my finger hurts from the blood sample they took! :'P So... here is, for the first time ever, a photo of me with no makeup! And yes, I do know that I look like a mix of a little baby and a guy. XD

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