Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Almost forgot

One more thing! I'm gonna show you the earrings I bought the other day :) So here they are:

I don't usually wear this big earrings, but they were for New Years. I think they're cute! but I'm not sure if you can see them with all my hair! My hair always covers earrings anyway, but still I feel almost naked if I don't have earrings on, haha

And since I have nothing else to do until dad gets home, here's another photo of moi! And yes, there is a box in the background... I should toss it, but I haven't "gotten the time" to do so.

Just now I decided that if I still want to have a tattoo next year on my b-day, I will get one! :D I have been wanting to have one for a while now, but as long as I'm living under the same roof as my mom, it's out of the question! Hopefully, I will have my own place some time after I graduate, so then I can get one :)

xoxo ミ☆

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