Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today my bff came home :3

Good evening! I have no idea why I'm sitting here when I should be studying, but whatever ... xD Tooooday we watched The passion of the christ, not last Religion class. That movie wasn't the best I've seen, if I put it like that. It had no plot, except for a random guy (okay not so random, it was Jesus) who got tortured for two hours.

I'm thinking about going out ("clubbing") on Friday with friends! I haven't decided if I'm too tired to do so or not, yet. XD Everyday, I get all excited because of the trip to Japan! I want it to become March right now!! ♥

Tomorrow there's a national test that we'll be writing for about five hours! Sounds like fun, huh? xD I'd prefer to just stay at home, or simply have a normal school day... good news is that we finish school after the test, so if we just want to write for one hour, we can go home after that time :)

Aaaaah, I wanna go shopping! But I have to save money for Japan!

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