Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tiiiiired! >_<

Good morning people! :3 I'm really hoarse today, sadly ._. Anyway, I got myself the December issue of Ranzuki! ♥ I haven't read it though, I will very soon! When I'm in Japan, I'll buy a lot of magazines, I'm sure! :D I can't take a lot of things with me there, coz I will buy so much that it will weigh too much if I do! haha

I have Japanese classes today... We created a forum yesterday, to place our Japan-blogs there! Of course we'll blog a lot from Japan! :D I'll write in this blog too, so don't worry ^^ tihi

It's less than 4 months left... I can't wait! But first Christmas must come! I'll become poor if I buy too many presents... hopefully, I'll get money myself! xD And I want a Tokyo-guide too :3 hehehe

And friends who want me to buy them things in Japan - I might be able to, but you have to give me money first (and a list of what you want, not too many things!)!! XD


パオラ {Paola} said...

I want this magazine t-t!!

パオラ {Paola} said...

I want this magazine!