Tuesday, November 24, 2009

School 4-life

Hi everybody!! I'm in the middle of Filosophy-studies (yay, awesome...), but I'm taking a little break right now. I wonder when my things will come, that I ordered (leopard-gloves etc.), I want them nooooow!!! During P.E. tomorrow, we're having some kind of relaxation-class, but I won't be able to relax one bit because of all the tests we have coming up; tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, Friday... Tuesday...! It's crazy!!! - and it's almost killing me! :(

This weekend, I might go out with Z & L, but we haven't really decided anything yet... and this weekend/the weekend after I'm hanging out with my Japanese crew ;) We're going to watch movies, cook and play my little game where there will be punishments for the losers! Sooo much fun to see them perform those punishments later on in Japan! :D:D Well gotta go and finish my studies before Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives start! Lots of love, my darlings! ♥

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