Wednesday, November 18, 2009

National test

ただいま! I'm home! xD After spending three out of five hours writing an essay about siblings. I actually finished after only 1~1,5 hours, but I thought I would write everything a little bit nicer. It took quite some time, I mean, try holding a pencil and write nonstop for several hours! It huuurts! and I never make "plans" for what to write, everything just comes to me as I'm writing. That's why I finish so quickly whenever I write. I hope it went well, but you never know...

Oh and I got a letter from my Japanese friend Marie yesterday! ☆ Thank you! I'll have to write letters this weekend! Sounds like I don't want to, haha but I love writing letters ^^

Moreover, I'm in love with Spanish (the language). ♥

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