Sunday, November 29, 2009

My weekend

Hi everybody! :3
Well, I'm about to tell you about my weekend because it was really... boring xD I was supposed to go ice skating with Z (sorry), but I ended up studying and writing my book! It is 12 A4-pages at the moment (15 if I have Times new roman size 12), but I'm not really sure what should happen next!!

I have a lot more to do; Swedish, Japanese and writing letters, but I think I will write the letters very soon... Maybe I'll do my Japanese homework first. And I'm going to "fika" with my parents coz today it's first of advent, which means that Christmas is getting closer! :D

My sister has gone back to Uppsala already. She kidnapped my cellphone all day long yesterday and I didn't get it back until it was evening! Anyway, I have to begin my Christmas-presents-shopping soon!

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