Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm awesome

Hi guys! You know what? My awesomeness is too great to describe! This Japanese test I had, that I didn't study to because I had completely forgotten about it... I got MVG (highest grade)!!! :D:D:D That's so freakin' amazingly cool!! ♥ I didn't even tell mom about the test, coz I was afriad I did poorly... XD but now I can tell her!

And did I tell you about what the headmaster said about the trip to Japan (I bet I did)? They're thinking about it right now, but in the end, they only have to pay like 7300SEK, and that's rea~lly cheap! They have to let us gooooo! We want to sooo badly! They can never understand :(

Right now I'm at home, coz I had about 2,5 hours lunch... Don't want to spend that much freetime at school, ne? ;P I'll eat and soon I'll be going back to school to have Swedish class. Then I have another loooong break and after that we'll have Religion class. Are we watching a movie (Passion of the Christ) or something...? I think we are! o_O

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