Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Good niiiight !~~☆

Just going to show you today's shopping! ♥ ♥  You have to know, I don't usually post photos of my underwear xD but this time they were so cuuute! I love the gloves too, they're adorible! ^^ I don't look so good in hats, but it looks okay!

Tomorrow there's a national test in English... I'll do fine, I guess! I like English (not like Latin or anything like that, thank God...). Though, I am not sure if I have homework in Japanese or not... I hope not, coz now I haven't studied anything! I have to study all day tomorrow, wohoo.... and all weekend too. Goood, I hate school! Can't wait 'til I graduate! Buuuut, I want it to become March aka the trip to Japan first :3

Now good night, honeys! ♥

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