Friday, November 27, 2009

... and one last post for today!

Another photo from yesterday, wohoo! Aawh, I really want to eat ice cream now... I got a mail from some guy from Ivory Coast, so I had to reply in French! My French isn't the best, buuuut it's okay I guess. Right now I'm having a Three Days Grace-party (aka listening to a lot of their songs)! xD I'm longing soooo much for next year and the trips, especially the one to Japan! It will be so much fun to meet some of my pen friends! ^^ Tonight, I was planning on going out with some friends, but once again we didn't feel like it, so I'll stay at home and watch movies with my sister instead :) This weekend, I might go ice-skating with Z! And since I won't be writing more today, good night everybody ♥

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