Wednesday, November 25, 2009

After-test-shopping ♥

Today I went for some after-test shopping with Z, after the Filosophy test (which I sucked at btw)! I bought a new mascara (I hope it looks good!) and a black top! Also, the things I ordered have arrived, so I'll go and get them in a while. I have to study today again, both English and Latin! I hate Latin :(:(:(

Today during P.E. I couldn't relax and neither could I concentrade! I mean, we listened to a band where a woman was talking as if she were high and she said some completely random and weird things such as "your smiling heart is giving you a rose, fill it with happy memories and see how it grows to be more beautiful for each memory" etc. Wtf?? How can a heart smile and give away roses? It's a freakin' muscle!! XD Also the woman said things like "you're good the way you are" - I know, lah, of course I am??? Everyone is! XD  And she said "everything is fine just the way they are"..... huuuuh??? What does she know about that?? o_O So... It was a weird tape, and it didn't make me relax at all.

I'll show you a photo later of all the things I bought! ^^

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