Thursday, November 5, 2009

About one week to go...

Charming photo, ne? ;)
... before Z comes home again! :D Yesterday, I broke a new record in smartness! I was just about to sleep when I suddenly realized:::: "HOLY SHIT I HAVE A FREAKING TEST TOMORROW!!!!" I had to text a friend to make sure I wasn't wrong, but nah, we really did have a test today. I hope I didn't screw up just because I hadn't studied... I mean it wasn't that hard! It was a Japanese test, so I had already learned most from classes, but I should have studied words! :(

Today during Cambridge-English class, everyone thought that "recruitment" was the same as "requirement", which I thought was really strange. Some people also have serious issues with grammar (and I mean simple grammar).

Our headmaster needs to give us a "yes" about the trip to Japan! The other two schools have said "yes" a long time ago! My school is so sloooooow (and retarded.. okay it's considered a very good school, so maybe not retarded). I need to hear that "yes" :( Music to my ears ♥ lol

Haha, I'm always complaining about people :) Thoooough it's not my fault a lot of people these days are stupid (while I am super-smart!)... Aaah, I love people.

and smell the irony!

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