Sunday, November 29, 2009

My weekend

Hi everybody! :3
Well, I'm about to tell you about my weekend because it was really... boring xD I was supposed to go ice skating with Z (sorry), but I ended up studying and writing my book! It is 12 A4-pages at the moment (15 if I have Times new roman size 12), but I'm not really sure what should happen next!!

I have a lot more to do; Swedish, Japanese and writing letters, but I think I will write the letters very soon... Maybe I'll do my Japanese homework first. And I'm going to "fika" with my parents coz today it's first of advent, which means that Christmas is getting closer! :D

My sister has gone back to Uppsala already. She kidnapped my cellphone all day long yesterday and I didn't get it back until it was evening! Anyway, I have to begin my Christmas-presents-shopping soon!

Friday, November 27, 2009

... and one last post for today!

Another photo from yesterday, wohoo! Aawh, I really want to eat ice cream now... I got a mail from some guy from Ivory Coast, so I had to reply in French! My French isn't the best, buuuut it's okay I guess. Right now I'm having a Three Days Grace-party (aka listening to a lot of their songs)! xD I'm longing soooo much for next year and the trips, especially the one to Japan! It will be so much fun to meet some of my pen friends! ^^ Tonight, I was planning on going out with some friends, but once again we didn't feel like it, so I'll stay at home and watch movies with my sister instead :) This weekend, I might go ice-skating with Z! And since I won't be writing more today, good night everybody ♥


Usually, I really like the Japanese model Tsubasa, but these eyes.... they're scary! o___O Don't you agree?? It looks sooo unnatural, her eyelids are gigantic! xD The photo is from NAIL UP's January 2010-issue.

Likt älvor på en äng

Haha here's Lilly giving you the "evil eye" or something xD

I wrote a poem today (for my novel/short story that I do in school). Here it is, first the original in Swedish and then I'll try to translate it into English...

Människor förbluffar mig,
de kan klara sig genom allt,
bli en ny person
för varje avklarat kapitel,
från larv till fjäril.
Det tar ett tag,
men tillslut får vi vingar
och dansar runt genom livet
likt älvor på en äng.

Humans astonish me,
they can make it through everything,
become a new person,
for every completed chapter,
from caterpillar to butterfly.
It takes a while,
but eventually we grow wings,
and dance thoughout life,
like fairies on a meadow.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


"Two of the greatest gifts we can give our children are roots and wings." ~ Hodding Carter

"We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment." ~ Hilaire Belloc
"Whenever I prepare for a journey I prepare as though for death. Should I never return, all is in order." ~ Kathrine Mansfield

Aww, a picture and some quotes, all about travelling, my and my best friend's greatest passion! Have a great birthday tomorrow, I will remember to bring your presents! :D Love yah ♥ tihi

Another test finished!

Today's test (national test in English - essay) was fuuuun! I love writing and especially in English! XD I don't know why, but it feels like I can express myself better than in Swedish! Anyway, we were to write about "Travel in a changing world" where I wrote my opinions on travelling. I wrote about destroying the planet as well as how much we actually learn from visiting foreign coutries.

Here comes a megasuperuber-huge photo! :)

I start classes at 13.00, but I'm meeting Z at 12.30 coz we're visiting a university with English Cambrige class. I can't remember all of the poems we were to read before today. Oh well... XD

Btw, I love Three Days Grace - Goin' Down, Good Life & Life starts now ♫

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Good niiiight !~~☆

Just going to show you today's shopping! ♥ ♥  You have to know, I don't usually post photos of my underwear xD but this time they were so cuuute! I love the gloves too, they're adorible! ^^ I don't look so good in hats, but it looks okay!

Tomorrow there's a national test in English... I'll do fine, I guess! I like English (not like Latin or anything like that, thank God...). Though, I am not sure if I have homework in Japanese or not... I hope not, coz now I haven't studied anything! I have to study all day tomorrow, wohoo.... and all weekend too. Goood, I hate school! Can't wait 'til I graduate! Buuuut, I want it to become March aka the trip to Japan first :3

Now good night, honeys! ♥

After-test-shopping ♥

Today I went for some after-test shopping with Z, after the Filosophy test (which I sucked at btw)! I bought a new mascara (I hope it looks good!) and a black top! Also, the things I ordered have arrived, so I'll go and get them in a while. I have to study today again, both English and Latin! I hate Latin :(:(:(

Today during P.E. I couldn't relax and neither could I concentrade! I mean, we listened to a band where a woman was talking as if she were high and she said some completely random and weird things such as "your smiling heart is giving you a rose, fill it with happy memories and see how it grows to be more beautiful for each memory" etc. Wtf?? How can a heart smile and give away roses? It's a freakin' muscle!! XD Also the woman said things like "you're good the way you are" - I know, lah, of course I am??? Everyone is! XD  And she said "everything is fine just the way they are"..... huuuuh??? What does she know about that?? o_O So... It was a weird tape, and it didn't make me relax at all.

I'll show you a photo later of all the things I bought! ^^

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

School 4-life

Hi everybody!! I'm in the middle of Filosophy-studies (yay, awesome...), but I'm taking a little break right now. I wonder when my things will come, that I ordered (leopard-gloves etc.), I want them nooooow!!! During P.E. tomorrow, we're having some kind of relaxation-class, but I won't be able to relax one bit because of all the tests we have coming up; tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, Friday... Tuesday...! It's crazy!!! - and it's almost killing me! :(

This weekend, I might go out with Z & L, but we haven't really decided anything yet... and this weekend/the weekend after I'm hanging out with my Japanese crew ;) We're going to watch movies, cook and play my little game where there will be punishments for the losers! Sooo much fun to see them perform those punishments later on in Japan! :D:D Well gotta go and finish my studies before Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives start! Lots of love, my darlings! ♥

Monday, November 23, 2009

Life & death...

I went with my family to the graveyard this weekend. We went for a walk and ended up there. It's scary to think about it, death, I mean. I'm so freakin' scared of dying, aren't you? I mean, there are so many things I still haven't done in life and I'm nowhere close to being satisfied with what I have achieved so far. I still want to travel around the world before I die! And I want to get married, too! X) Anyway, at the moment, life sucks because of all the tests we have (especially this week). I better continue to study soon...

Friday, November 20, 2009

How to spend my Friday evening

I've got some serious nail-bling, lah! XD Anyway, I still haven't decided if we (Lina & I) should go clubbing today or not! It's a lot of fun, but we're both sooo tired! We'll see what we end up doing tonight.. (that sounds disturbingly weird.. xD)

Okay, so I'm going to hang out with the Japanese-class-people some weekend and I have written fun/weird/interesting questions for them! The questions are all about Japan! :D The losers will have to be punished; I have written assignments for them to do when we're in Japan! For instance; stop three Japanese people down the street and start talking to them in Swedish until they walk away! XD Nothing too embarrassing, just embarrassing enough :3

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I did it again :( Never leave me alone with a computer, I will buy things! This is what I bought, just because I read that magazine, haha XD I'm so FAIL, lol. But they're cuuuuute, no matter what my friends will say ;P I also bought undewear, but that's not something I'll show photos of on the blog! hehe

Zlata and I are going for a "shopping breakfast" at H&M in December! Sounds weird, but also fun! I can buy Christmaspresents :)

I'll go and put on some clothes now and then I'll eat lunch before I'm off to school. Byebye ~☆


Click for enlargement

Okay so I read the Ranzuki December issue and I only came to think about one thing; they dress the same in winter as in summer! - they just put on a jacket or a scarf/cap! I like it , though! I'm in love with Nicorun's leopard cap in the bottom right corner! XD I can't help it, it looks so good on her! I want one :D I wonder where I can buy it...

uneventful day

Ojalá y la lluvia me ahogue entre sus brazos para no pensar en ti ♫

Zlata just called and told me that we don't have Cambridge English today! That means I start school at 14.50, which is when Japanese classes start. That's good, coz I don't feel so well today... Now I'll read Ranzuki! :3

Tiiiiired! >_<

Good morning people! :3 I'm really hoarse today, sadly ._. Anyway, I got myself the December issue of Ranzuki! ♥ I haven't read it though, I will very soon! When I'm in Japan, I'll buy a lot of magazines, I'm sure! :D I can't take a lot of things with me there, coz I will buy so much that it will weigh too much if I do! haha

I have Japanese classes today... We created a forum yesterday, to place our Japan-blogs there! Of course we'll blog a lot from Japan! :D I'll write in this blog too, so don't worry ^^ tihi

It's less than 4 months left... I can't wait! But first Christmas must come! I'll become poor if I buy too many presents... hopefully, I'll get money myself! xD And I want a Tokyo-guide too :3 hehehe

And friends who want me to buy them things in Japan - I might be able to, but you have to give me money first (and a list of what you want, not too many things!)!! XD

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Since I had nothing to do (except for studying), I made a drawing for my blog. Doesn't it look just like me? :3 I put it in the bottom of the layout! ♥ I'm sooo tired today! School starts 8.20 tomorrow and after that we have a 4h long break! Suuuuucks!

National test

ただいま! I'm home! xD After spending three out of five hours writing an essay about siblings. I actually finished after only 1~1,5 hours, but I thought I would write everything a little bit nicer. It took quite some time, I mean, try holding a pencil and write nonstop for several hours! It huuurts! and I never make "plans" for what to write, everything just comes to me as I'm writing. That's why I finish so quickly whenever I write. I hope it went well, but you never know...

Oh and I got a letter from my Japanese friend Marie yesterday! ☆ Thank you! I'll have to write letters this weekend! Sounds like I don't want to, haha but I love writing letters ^^

Moreover, I'm in love with Spanish (the language). ♥

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today my bff came home :3

Good evening! I have no idea why I'm sitting here when I should be studying, but whatever ... xD Tooooday we watched The passion of the christ, not last Religion class. That movie wasn't the best I've seen, if I put it like that. It had no plot, except for a random guy (okay not so random, it was Jesus) who got tortured for two hours.

I'm thinking about going out ("clubbing") on Friday with friends! I haven't decided if I'm too tired to do so or not, yet. XD Everyday, I get all excited because of the trip to Japan! I want it to become March right now!! ♥

Tomorrow there's a national test that we'll be writing for about five hours! Sounds like fun, huh? xD I'd prefer to just stay at home, or simply have a normal school day... good news is that we finish school after the test, so if we just want to write for one hour, we can go home after that time :)

Aaaaah, I wanna go shopping! But I have to save money for Japan!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wazzaaaaaaa?! XD

Hi everybody! :3 How are you? I'm gooood, lah, except that I haven't slept well at all during the weekend... ;P On Friday, I hung out with friends and they left around 2.30, so that's when I fell asleep xD On Saturday, my mom & dad had guests over and I could hardly sleep while they were here and they left around 2. After that, I couldn't fall asleep at all, so I stayed awake until like 5 x_x Yesterday, my sister had her ex over and they talked, so I couldn't sleep because of that......... People < / 3

Okay, so I bought a new camera! :D It's the Samsung camera whith touch screen and an extra screen in the front! I love it ♥ and I'll need it for Japan and Italy in spring! ^^ Also, I pimped it a little with some blue and silver rhinestones! It looked too boy-ish without it! X)

Now I'm about to look for places to visit in Japan (museums etc. in Tokyo/Yokohama/Kyoto)! :3 Feel free to tell me if you know any we should visit!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

TAEYANG - Wedding dress ♥♥♥

Aaah, seriously (haha I wrote "seriöstly" at first;; seriöst = seriously in Swedish), I'm totally in love with TaeYang! ♥ He's such an amazing singer & dancer and he has the most adorible smile (not to mention his body, lah ;D)! How can you not fall for that? XD All his songs are wonderful, especially his newest (?) Wedding dress! I LOVE IT! ♥♥♥ I almost die a little whenever I hear it because it's so goddamn beautiful! Ah, his voice... ♥ I die...  I will seriously learn Korean after I graduate from high school! I wiiiill! Too bad I can't visit Korea when I'm off to Asia in spring! I really want to see him (and the rest of BIGBANG, too) live! That'd be awesome! xD

Anywaaaay, in a few hours, I'm meeting my friends to rent movies! It'll be such a fun evening/night :D But I have to study some this weekend, so it's not that good to stay up for too long! I'll sleep away all Saturday, probably... I'm not sure what movies we'll watch, but I'm sure some zombie-movie! :D I know we'll see Braindead (haha that movie is soooo funny!!) but we'll also rent three more movies! So... we'll see.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Yaaaay, only four months 'til the Japan trip! :D I'm really excited, even though it's quite some time until we're actually going.. XD Oh well... tomorrow night I'll hang with Lina, Victor, David and Rikard! We'll watch zombie-movies and have fun :D:D

On Sunday, I'll buy a new camera coz I really need one since I'm going to travel twice in spring! ^____^ I still can't believe that we're actually going to Tokyo in March... I have never been outside of Europe before o_O Anyhow, It'll be awesome! Now I better run, lah! (hahahah some friends and I just started saying "lah" all the time. I think it comes from Singapore or something) XD See yah ♥

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


First of all, I'll just show you what I bought today when I went looking for a birthday present for Zlata, with Lina! I couldn't help but to buy some things for myself XD I mean, I haven't bought anything for a really long time! I fell in love with the necklace, it's totally adorible! (*_*)

Moreover, I just wanted to tell you that...

A friend and I went to talk to the headmaster about the trip and she said she'd think about it and then my mom talked to her and she said "yes"!!! ♥♥♥ I still can't believe it, we are actually going to Tokyo in a few months!! This sounds really weird to all Japanese reading this, but it's soooo cool to us! This means so much, I can never explain it! XD I'm so goddamn happy right now! ♥

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm awesome

Hi guys! You know what? My awesomeness is too great to describe! This Japanese test I had, that I didn't study to because I had completely forgotten about it... I got MVG (highest grade)!!! :D:D:D That's so freakin' amazingly cool!! ♥ I didn't even tell mom about the test, coz I was afriad I did poorly... XD but now I can tell her!

And did I tell you about what the headmaster said about the trip to Japan (I bet I did)? They're thinking about it right now, but in the end, they only have to pay like 7300SEK, and that's rea~lly cheap! They have to let us gooooo! We want to sooo badly! They can never understand :(

Right now I'm at home, coz I had about 2,5 hours lunch... Don't want to spend that much freetime at school, ne? ;P I'll eat and soon I'll be going back to school to have Swedish class. Then I have another loooong break and after that we'll have Religion class. Are we watching a movie (Passion of the Christ) or something...? I think we are! o_O

Sunday, November 8, 2009


People never stop asking me why the hell I don't drink alcohol and since I never really tell the the whole stody why, I thought I could write it down for everyone to see. I mean, it's a stupid story, really, but it's a huuuge part of who I am today, so here it goes:

A couple of years ago, I lost my best friends to alcohol (okay, they didn't die or anything, but it sorta felt like it). They thought I was boring coz I didn't want to go to parties etcetc. You could say they walked out on me. So since I lost my best friends (and went through somewhat of a hell because of that) coz I didn't drink, why would I start drinking after that? I mean, it feels like it was all in vain if I drink; can anyone see my point here? I will not lose, so I will not drink alcohol. It sounds stupid, but that's the way I feel. I feel like I need to be strong and stand for what I believe in and who I was and am. I don't care of people think I'm strange because of that. I will never change the way I am just to fit in, like it or not.

I may write more later, but right now I have to run to the TV! See yah, people! ♥

I wanna go shopping! :( Anyhow.. Our headmaster said "no" to our trip to Japan, so I have no idea what will happen. We may be able to convince her that this trip is not only good for us, but also for the school! She did think it would cost more than it does, so... we might be able to make her change her mind...

Yesterday I made muffins with raspberries/strawberries in it! :D They were sooo yummie that now they're all gone! ♥ xD They don't look that good though, more like someone shot them and their brain stubstans is showing... oh well... XDD

I'll watch Top model and Gossip Girl today! This weekend ended too quickly :( I really don't feel like going to school tomorrow; BUT we only have Latin class tomorrow (and we'll continue watching the movie Amadeus)! After that we can go home again :D

Friday, November 6, 2009

What a wonderful... day :'D

Today I went to school, as usual. We're watching a movie (Amadeus) during Latin classes, so it's not as boring as it usually is! :) After school, I went with Lina to meet an old friend I haven't seen for so long!! Later on, we ran into his friend, so he joined us as well! Tonight, we'll rent a movie and watch it at my house. It'll be awesome xD

It's soooo scary, my dreams can predict the future - I swear!!! In the previous entery, I wrote about the superman-dream and that superman's name was Victor... well, this friend's name is Victor!! Hahah it's so cool! :D I'm such a psychic. I'm awesome.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Super hero dreams ☆

I dremed about this guy btw; Tom Welling (Clark Kent from Smallville)! I have no idea why, I haven't even been watching Smallville! Anyhow, in my dream we were best friends and we were investigating someone's disappearance at a school/mental institution. There were a lot of bathrooms, computers and food at that place! Tom called himself Victor and he didn't say much to me :( but he smiled at me all the time. Appearantly, he was some kind of computer-expert as well... Show-off!!! :(

About one week to go...

Charming photo, ne? ;)
... before Z comes home again! :D Yesterday, I broke a new record in smartness! I was just about to sleep when I suddenly realized:::: "HOLY SHIT I HAVE A FREAKING TEST TOMORROW!!!!" I had to text a friend to make sure I wasn't wrong, but nah, we really did have a test today. I hope I didn't screw up just because I hadn't studied... I mean it wasn't that hard! It was a Japanese test, so I had already learned most from classes, but I should have studied words! :(

Today during Cambridge-English class, everyone thought that "recruitment" was the same as "requirement", which I thought was really strange. Some people also have serious issues with grammar (and I mean simple grammar).

Our headmaster needs to give us a "yes" about the trip to Japan! The other two schools have said "yes" a long time ago! My school is so sloooooow (and retarded.. okay it's considered a very good school, so maybe not retarded). I need to hear that "yes" :( Music to my ears ♥ lol

Haha, I'm always complaining about people :) Thoooough it's not my fault a lot of people these days are stupid (while I am super-smart!)... Aaah, I love people.

and smell the irony!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First snow

Today it was snowing!!!!! But the snow melted right away... Ah, it's already winter here :( Anyhow, I've been thinking about some things. First of all, some people act like retarded 5-yearolds. Why? Well, I have no idea, but it makes me lose all my faith in today's teenagers..... (the worst thing is I'm a teenager myself). Another thing is that people nowadays can't talk to others without being somewhat drunk! Aaaah, I hate this town. Everyone is the same, like they've been cloned from the same person or something, and that person was a very stupid and mean one with no morals whatsoever. Sounds great, huh? - and I have to live with it every day! A lot of people don't agree with my thoughts, but I'm seriously not exaggerating. Ain't life wonderful? :')

Btw, baby-blue is soooo my color ♥

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I can't believe November is already here. I mean it was August just now, wasn't it? Time just passed by so quickly! Aaah, it sucks :( But it only means summer is closer and closer! :D hehehe

This weekend I'll be doing a lot of stuff (not just studying)! On Friday I'll hit the clubs (lol) with some friends ;) and on Saturday (I hope they say Saturday and not Friday), the Japanese group will hang out again! It'll be fun :)

I guess that's all I have to say at the time. I miss Zlata :(