Thursday, October 29, 2009


Okay, so I went out yesterday with a friend to a place called Konrad! At first there were almost no people there, but I guess most came after 24.00... I'm guessing we were the only ones there (almost) that weren't drunk! XD Anyway, we thought that we'd be sitting alone the whole time, but that was far from what happened. Drunk people are actually quite fun to watch and talk to, especially when they think that they're saying smart things!! Since we're from a school with good reputation, everyone thought that we were geniouses...

We decided that next time, we'll not be going there by ourselves. And I said I would take a lot of photos, but I didn't! Aaaah, I really regret that! I'll take a lot of photos next time though, don't worry! Here's a photo from Konrad's website:

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