Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yay, we could get 15 500 000$...

... or not. My mother got a letter from a "Spanish Barristor" named Valentino Edosio (<- lol, Spanish name? Also, they have two surnames, duuh). He said that they had found a "Diplomatic Personal Treasure containing US$15,500,000". He wanted 40% of that sum though and who would give away that much money to a lawyer? It also said that it was in the name of Jarob B. Carlsten. Jarob?? Wtf is that supposed to be a Swedish name?? xD

Then it said that he searched for relatives to this deceased person and he found that my mother has the same surname as this Jarob-guy. LOL! My mother's name isn't even Carlsten, it's the name from my father's side of the family.

Furthermore, the letter is copied, not a real signature (it's also copied). The name of the association is "Líbertad Asociados", which is completely incorrect, since "libertad" is A: not spelled with í, but with a normal i. B: "libertades" if they write it as pluralis and C: a feminine word, which means that "asociados" would be "asociadas", but seriously, who spells "freedom" as pluralis??

And the final touch of this letter was that it was sent from Warzawa, Poland, when this misspelled "Líbertad Asociados" is supposed to be located in Madrid, Spain. Wow... people are sometimes just really stupid.

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