Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This guy is my roommate this week! He's kinda lazy but he wants attention all the time... Okay so today I have a headache, but I'm still going out! At first I'm going shopping with Lina, and tonight we're going clubbing ;P haha I probably won't drink anything anyway, since I really hate the taste of alcohol. Seriously, it's disgusting. The only thing I can drink is liqueur with taste of mint chocolate! :D hehehe

What I need to buy today = mascara, 1 or 2 rings aaaand maybe shoes! I saw some really cute shoes that I want to buy! But they're more summershoes than wintershoes and it's almost winter now... that sucks... Maybe I'll find something else! First I need Eric to come home, coz I don't wanna leave the dog alone :/ And besides, I'm not supposed to meet up with Lina until 15.00! Booooring...

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