Wednesday, October 14, 2009

There were five people at P.E. class...

... that were going to actually have P.E.!!! So Lina and I couldn't do our planned lesson! We all have to plan our own lesson at P.E. and then let the rest of the class do what we have planned for them. Therefore, we'll have to do it after the autumn-break... Aaah, I have a Japanese test that week! And today I had a test in Filosophy and on Friday I'll have a national test in English!! It'll mostly be just funny though, I like talking in English :D Next week, I have a French test as well.... I have to study the whole weekend :(

The shirt I'm wearing in the photo is new btw :D I bought it yesterday (yes, I like shopping very much...) and I also bought nail polish with a cerise-ish color and a lipstick at The Make up Store!♥

One thing I hate with my hair is that I have to straighten my bangs because it looks stupid when I have it curly, but then I make it curly again using my flat iron... it's just that before I even get to school, my bangs is straight again! Whhhyyyyyy??? Why does it get straight when it's naturally curly?? Stupid hair :(

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