Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday nails~♥

Today I've done absolutely nothing! XD A little boring, but I need days like that every once in a while. Oh, right, I fixed my nails today! I've been having simle nails (just nail polish), but now I have a little bit more than that :'D I'm nor sure if I like it or not... I'm not a big fan of red :/ I like all the bling and glitter though ^^ buut I'll probably change it again this week. I want pink nails, hehehe ... ...  I don't even have red clothes (well, I think I have a T-shirt with white and red stripes).. Aaah I have nothing to match my nails! xD

Okay I know it's really bad quality og the photo, but you'll have to accept it! I really want to go shopping, but I think I'll buy a laptop instead of clothes...? I don't really need one at the moment, but I do want one!

After I wrote the above, I remade my nails! xD This is what they look like now! ♥ It may not look better than the first fix, but I like them anyway!

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