Monday, October 12, 2009

The story of my... hair!

Today's outfit:
Okay so today I'm going to talk about my hair! :D hehehe (yes, Z, I took a break from the studying, don't complain about it! :'<... ) As you all probably know by now, my hair is naturally curly, which is a little strange since none of my parents have curly hair and neither do my grandparents! I have no idea why I have curly hair, but I'm thankful for it! ^^

Actually, my hair didn't become curly until... 7th grade? It was a little wavy in 6th grade but before that is was all straight! Interesting, huh? ;) Also, I haven't gotten a hair cut in ages... haha, I'm scared of it :( soooo, therefore, my hair is quite long! I can't imagine the day I cut it off! Maybe I'll cry... like the girls on Top Model when they get their make overs! xD Aaaah, I don't even wanna think about it :(

Anyhow, today it's an extra episode of "Svenska Hollywoodfruar" (Swedish Hollywood wives) on TV! I love that show! The wives are so funny, especially Maria (the one to the right)! She's from my town btw :D I can't watch it tonight though, coz I'm going to see another show and I'll record "Svenska Hollywood fruar" for my sister anyway! Buuuut I have to get back to studying now! A Philosophy test is coming up this week!
Well then, see yah! ★

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