Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Prom dresses & zombie-vampires...

Hi everyone! Since I have like the worst immunesystem ever (I've been sick since Monday, again..), I still have a fever :( But I went to school anyway, except for P.E. And after school, I went with my friends to look for prom dresses! We went to two stores (there are only two stores like that here in Västerås, I think) and I tried on three dresses! No one was "the one", though :( I'll have to keep on looking!

I'll go to Uppsala this weekend and maybe I can look for dresses there! If I don't find any, me and a friend will probably go to Stockholm and continue the search for the perfect prom dress! :'D

Lalala... soon it's Halloween! :D I don't know what I'll do at that time, since nothing is decided yet, but I do want to dress up! I love it xD Anyway, I made a photo today of what I would look like if I wouldn't have a nose but really bad eyesbrows and at the same time were a zombie-vampire:

Nice, huh? Don't think you'd want to see a zombie-vampire like this walking behind you in the middle of the night!! XD Even though the photo is like the ugliest (coolest!) ever, I love my bangs in this one :) Haha lol, okay I'll look for more stores to buy a prom dress!

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