Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Prince Charming & naked teachers...

... those were some of the subjects my friend and I talked about today during a break! xD It was interesting and funny! haha

Today I had two oral presentations and one in English. Of course, I got MVG (the highest grade) on that one ;) It was about books that we had read. I liked my book; Black Water by Joyce Carol Oats. I think she writes so well! It's almost like reading a veeeery long poem xD

Today I'll watch Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives on TV! ♥ Before that, I'll play with little Lilly :3 She's hungry as usual, even though she's FAT and has eaten a lot these past few days! I can't believe her.. xD

Tomorrow my precious best friend is leaving for Russia!! :( I'll miss her and I forgot to give her a goodbye-hug! :( We didn't even go for an evening walk :( Aww...

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