Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fika & språkpolis

Today we had "fika" during Religion class! ^^ (All Swedes love fika) The reason we had fika: A person who's studying to become a teacher held our lessons, but now she's leaving and she bought us some cookies :D hehe (for those who are completely clueless, "fika" = a word for eating cookies or drinking coffee etc. with other people). Right now I'm (obviously) at home, because I don't start my classes until 14.50... Tomorrow it's friday, then I'm free from school for a whole week! Yaay ^^

Here comes a supermegauberhuge photo!:

Okay so I've been thinking about something; Swedish teens don't know their own language! Okay sure, I can make mistakes too, but I know it and I correct myself! They on the other hand, say for instance "även fast" which is a mix of two expressions: "även om" and "fast än" which both mean "even though". They also say, as I heard at least four times today during classes; "ta självmord" instead of "begå självmord" (they say "take suicide" instead of "commit suicide". WTF??). Seriously, people, is it really that hard?? ALSO, they say things such as "jag gillar han" instead of "jag gillar honom" ("I like he" instead of "I like him") WAAAAAAAAAH! It drives me insane!! Where are their parents to correct them?! I can't possibly believe that their parents talk like that too! ........... Yes, I am a språkpolis (language-police), as we call it :)

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